The Cannibal Brothers

Prepare For An Apocalyptic Adventure

Written By Daniel Pike

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Action / Adventure / Horror and Lust

It is the year 2100 the world had reached its limit of being stripped of its natural beauty and resources.

A huge asteroid has hit the earth creating total devastation. Due to lack of food available people were forced to turn cannibalistic, creating a divide between those who wanted to continue life civilised and those who will do whatever it takes to survive.


Two Brothers; Jack and Max try to restore a sense of civilisation, until they find out the task that they gave themselves would prove too much, setting them on an apocalyptic adventure in a war against cannibals.

The Cannibal Brothers Series

The Cannibal Brothers: Rise of the Cannibal



Following on from book 1 - The cannibal brothers, Victor king of the cannibals rules outside the walls of the New World and controls an army of ruthless cannibalistic soldiers called the blood lions. As Victor looks to take on the New world he faces competition from rivals, sending us on a bloody journey towards war with the new world. Our heroes Jack and Max face a new threat that has emerged over the horizon. Horror/Action/Adventure and lust awaits!


Release Date: 2021

The Cannibal Brothers: 

New World Order

Coming Soon...




HEIGHT: 6 foot 2 inches

WEIGHT: 20 Stone

HAIR: Short Black Comb Over with Stubble

EYES: Brown

BUILD: Tall and Stocky

FEATURES: Royal Marines Tattoo on forearm. Cross tattoos on both upper arms and large cross tattoo on back.

PERSONALITY: Calm, Caring, Protective

STRENGTHS: Strong Leader, Brave, Tough, Inspirational

WEAKNESS: Tries to please everyone

HEIGHT: 5 foot 11 inches

WEIGHT: 17 Stone

HAIR: Short Brown, Beard

EYES: Brown

BUILD: Average Height and Stocky

FEATURES: Scar across eyebrow from being slashed in the face by a cannibal. Scars on knuckles from bare knuckle boxing.

PERSONALITY: Short tempered, paranoid, inappropriate, Joker

STRENGTHS: Loyal, Fearless, Alert

WEAKNESS: Hot Headed and not easy to get on with


I developed a passion for writing from reading a Roman book series. I have always had a wild imagination and ideas, but never put thoughts to paper. 4 years ago I started The Cannibal Brothers Book with the idea to capture a variety of audiences. Having finally finished editing the book, I decided to self publish my work.

 I have many other book releases in the works, which I look to publish after finishing The Cannibal Brothers series. I hope you enjoy the books and find them as entertaining as others have.

Best Wishes